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Elizabeth Burden
Liz is a Clinical Counsellor with a Master of Counselling, offering more than a decade of counselling experience. She has worked as an educator, case manager, as well as voluntarily in leadership roles. As well as being a Counsellor, Liz is an Accredited Supervisor working with other counsellors and students.

Liz works with clients on an individualized basis, tailoring the counselling style to suit the client's needs. She believes that people have great potential and is passionate about walking alongside them as they heal, work through problems, make goals, or just talk their way to realising their best selves.

Liz is a member of the Gawler Baptist Church, believing that the church can be an important avenue to wholeness and healing. She was involved in developing Lifewell at GBC as a way to more actively meet community need for holistic health care.

Liz is married with two children, two children in law, grandchildren, lives in Gawler and has the world's best dog!

Jacqui Thomas
Jacqui is married, a mother of three, and completed a Bachelor of Ministry (majoring in Pastoral Care) at the Bible College of SA and has worked in a local school for over 12 years.

With an interest in helping to strengthen relationships, and guiding people through difficulties, she completed a Diploma in Counselling, Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy, and is currently doing a Graduate Diploma in Integrated Psychotherapy.

She offers counselling for relationships, grief, anxiety, and self-awareness.

Janet Burford
Janet became interested in counselling while involved and facilitating groups, and having encountered in her personal experience, the need and value of having a safe space to be able to share vulnerabilities and fears without judgement. As a result, Janet is passionate about being a listening witness and speaking to the struggles as well as the strengths of people as they work through painful human experiences.

Janet believes that transformation can take place when one has truly embraced those aspects of being human that make us feel vulnerable and when one begins to assimilate self-compassion for those hurting parts. In her experience, the very act of witnessing and embracing the common realities and paradoxes of authentic humanity can be a powerful endorsement for self-compassion. Where it is important to the client, Janet also welcomes counselling that integrates the client’s spirituality.

Janet has a great deal of experience working with people in various domains, more recently, working from Lifewell using the consulting rooms at Gawler. Janet incorporates an integrated approach targeted to specific needs.

Janet has been trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Marriage and Relationships with a focus on couples as well as Addictions.

Janet’s qualifications are Bachelor of Social Sciences (Counselling) and Graduate Diploma in Counselling with a commitment to professional and personal development through relevant workshops, training and supervision.