Rob & Deb Griffith

Gawler Baptist Church supports Rob and Deb Griffith who are cross cultural workers with Global Interaction in Cambodia. They “are passionate about being a part of God’s mission among least-reached people groups. They are moved by the injustice that people, like most of those in the North West region of Cambodia, currently go from birth to death without hearing the Good News in a way that they can understand.” You can get further information here.

Rob and Deb are currently in Siem Reap and an excerpt from a recent newsletter gives insight into what life is now like for them:

Some activities bear some resemblance of what we did in Australia, like getting on a ‘push’ bike for an early morning exercise, but other activities are a world away from life in Oz. Ordering a meal at a local rice shop in a new language, spending hours each day seeking to acquire new words and cultural understanding, and building relationships with locals who are patient enough to put up with our attempts to be understood using our limited Khmer language has become part of our daily routine.

We have began to build a vocabulary in our language lessons that includes around 700 Khmer words, but it still feels like we are a long way from being able to freely converse in Khmer any time soon. We are grateful for the priority we are able to give to language learning at present. Learning more language and culture will always be part of life for us in Cambodia.

The above video was taken as Rob and Deb took a bike ride near their home. The music is recorded from a pagoda near their home.